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We’ve assembled some of the most popular fence styles below, which are available in treated lumber or cedar, but we can create any fence design you can dream up. Learn more...
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    With over 30 years’ experience in the fencing business, your TimberTown Pros know how to do it right. We offer treated lumber by MicroPro Sienna, or cedar fencing – which are sustainable, long lasting and beautiful. We offer a wide range of fence style choices, helping you bundle the materials you need to ensure you have the right mixture of planks, support beams and hardware. Our fence packages are available in Standard and Heavy-Duty designs using a mixture of 2”× 4”,  4”× 4”,   2”× 6” and 4”× 6”  for the top rail, posts, and bottom rail. Some designs will include sub-rails, and caps. Our fence packages are designed with rails on edge to “stop the sag,” so that your fence will look great for years to come.

    What is the benefit or drawback of different-size fence posts?

    While they cost a little more, larger fence posts are more stable and give your fence a more robust look.

    When should I use a larger post size?

    Larger fence posts are a matter of budget and taste, but we think a 4”x 6” is a good compromise. It’s more robust and stronger than a 4” x 4” but when on its profile side, it doesn't look as bulky as a 6”x 6”.

    What style of fence should I choose?

    If you live in a planned community or condominium area, you may be limited to certain fence styles and heights. Our pros can help you select materials within these guidelines, or choose from a vast array of other fencing styles.

    Do you carry a maintenance-free fence?

    We do not. Few deck manufacturers have adapted their composite and PVC technologies for use in fencing. However, since fences do not need to bear weight or abrasion from shoes/furniture, maintenance-free fencing has not (yet?) seen high demand.
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