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If you need a waterproof floor with today’s modern looks, luxury vinyl is your solution, offering a wide variety of styles. Learn more...
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    Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    TimberTown is the exclusive dealer of Award luxury vinyl flooring, and also carries a wide variety of other brands. Most luxury vinyl looks is styled to look like hardwood, and but few are styled to look like tile. These floors are a combination of polymer plus either stone (Stone Polymer Composite, aka SPC) or wood (Wood Polymer Composite, aka WPC). Depending on the brand, they are installed using Loose-Lay or Click fit methods. Vinyl Flooring can also be used as wall paneling. If you’re not sure about which colour you need, we’re happy to supply free, take-home flooring samples.

    Is vinyl flooring better than laminate?

    Vinyl floors are 100% waterproof, which laminate is not, making vinyl better for moisture-prone areas. Laminate floors are less prone to scratches and dents.

    What is the downside to vinyl floors? 

    Since vinyl floors are designed to be nearly indestructible, they can feel slightly harder on the feet.

    Where is vinyl flooring made?

    Drop-click vinyl is usually manufactured in China, while Loose-lay vinyl is made in South Korea.
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