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Spruce Lumber

Spruce is the most common wood species harvested in Alberta, and often used for floor joists, roof trusses and structural framing. Learn more...
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    Spruce Lumber

    Spruce grows throughout Alberta and is one of the highest volume woods used for construction. You’ll find it in floor joists, roof trusses and wall framing. This is why at TimberTown, we source it locally in Alberta, and work very hard to ensure our prices are competitive. If you need a kind of spruce that you don’t see here, ask us about special ordering it for you.

    What is the disadvantage of spruce wood?

    There is no disadvantage, as spruce wood is a high-quality, local product.

    Which is better, spruce or pine?

    Spruce is most common in framing, whereas pine is generally architectural. Spruce is harder, but pine is more workable.

    Where is your spruce wood sourced?

    At TimberTown, we source our spruce from wholesalers here in Alberta.
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