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Treated Lumber Decking

Treated Lumber is a natural wood material used for decking; ours is sourced from right here in Alberta. Learn more...
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    Treated Lumber Decking

    At TimberTown, we’ve been carrying treated lumber products for over 30 years. We are proud to carry lumber cut from Spray Lakes Mill outside Cochrane, and treated with MicroPro Sienna, a pressure treatment made in Canada – which meets CSA standards and claims to have an environmental footprint of less than half of traditional treated wood, protecting your deck boards from fungal and termite invasion.  Based on treating the lumber with copper, MicroPro Sienna is also an acceptable product for raised garden beds where traditional treated lumber is not.

    Is treated lumber safe for the environment?

    Wood is harvested sustainably in Alberta, and the MicroPro Sienna pressure treatment claims to have half the carbon footprint of other wood treatments.

    Does treated lumber last longer than composite decking?

    No, composite decking will always outlast treated lumber.

    How long does pressure-treated lumber last on a deck?

    The brown colour will only last a couple of years if not maintained; it will fade and grey over time. With good maintenance, the lumber should last 10 years or more.
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