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These products will prevent damage to your floors and furnishings during construction, wall painting and more. Learn more...
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    Floor Protection Products

    Whether you’re looking to throw down some basic cardboard, or need a reliable, reusable protective sheath for your floors and furniture, we’ve got you covered.  Some products shown here are for dirt and paint, while others offer dent and scratch protection as well.

    What is the best protection for hardwood floors?

    The best protection would be either construction board or Albert Floorotex. Both are designed to prevent scratching and impact damages.

    What kind of plastic do you use to protect floors and furniture?

    A plastic that can be used as a drop sheet would be 6mil thick CGSB poly however this will not protect against scratching and denting.

    What do movers use to protect floors?

    Movers will use a combination of floor slides and portable airbags to move heavy items over flooring without damaging it.

    How do I protect my floors from heavy furniture?

    Using felt pads that can attach to the legs of your heavy furniture is best, and will prevent them from scratching the flooring when moved around.

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