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Moulded Panel Doors

These hollow-core interior doors offer an array of moulded raised panel styles, giving you the most choices to suit your home style. Learn more...
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    Moulded Panel Doors

    Moulded panel doors are mostly made in North America, where panel looks have become popular. These hollow interior doors may have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 panels in several style configurations, from classic to modern. For easy installation, we also offer a ready-to-install door prep package with jamb, made in our custom door shop. 

    With a switch of hardware, panel doors can be hung as bi-folds/by-pass (for closets), pocket doors (sliding inside your wall), and barn doors (sliding in front of your wall opening) making them very versatile.  TimberTown can make any modifications right in our custom door shops – found in any of our stores.

    NOTE: If you would like a solid core panel door (for sound dampening), checkout our shaker doors.

    Can I get a prehung panel door?

    Yes, just ask us to modify your chosen panel door style to provide you with a jamb, stop and hinges.

    Is a flush or moulded panel door style better?

    It is a matter of taste; moulded panel doors simply offer you more style choices.
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