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Interior Finishings

Interior Finishings can be any materials used to enhance the look of your home – accenting beauty, or tastefully masking rough framing, cabling or HVAC systems. Learn more...
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    Interior Finishings

    Adding interior finishings to your project or home is one of the final stages of a project – soon it will look complete and beautiful, instead looking like a construction site. TimberTown’s products include many varieties of natural wood such a fir, hemlock, pine, aspen, oak, maple as well as MDF, Primed FJP, sheet goods faux stone, barn board and more. If you need a kind of interior finishing that you don’t see here, ask us about special ordering it for you.

    What do finishes mean in interior design?

    They refer to anything visible that is added after the project is complete, such as baseboards, mouldings, trim, architrave, or casings. These can add great aesthetic value.

    What is the difference between a moulding, baseboard and trim?

    There is no difference between these items – as they are all shaped pieces of wood which can accent the bottom, middle or tops of walls, ceilings and doors.  The term baseboard is usually used when the accent is along the bottom of a wall, whereas architrave, moulding and trim usually refer to using placement around windows, doors or other areas.

    What is the cheapest kind of moulding? 

    MDF is the most affordable option.
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