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Includes deck, fence and backyard accessories such as lighting, privacy screens, gate accents, cleaners, and stains. Learn more...
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    When creating your backyard vision, don’t forget the details. Accessories such as lighting, privacy screens, gate accents, cleaners, and stains enhance beauty and help you express your outdoor personality. With so many options available today, why not see if your yard can entice you to spend more time outdoors?

    What kinds of privacy screens are best for decks?

    Aluminum privacy screens have become a very popular option. While we carry the most popular options in our stores, we also have a limitless array that we can special-order for you.

    What kind of lighting is best for decks?

    In-deck lighting and fascia lighting are the most popular options because they easily allow you to enjoy your deck space later into the evening.

    How do I light my deck and backyard?

    The easiest way to install the deck lighting is to wire it before the decking is installed.
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