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Concrete Products

A great build requires a great foundation. Check out our Concrete Products and consult your local TimberTown Pro for guidance on what products are right for you.  Learn more...
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    Concrete Products

    What is it used for?

    Deck footings, setting fence posts, sidewalks and concrete pads, patching and repair, and concrete countertops.

    Why do you like it?

    Bagged products are premixed and ready to use.

    How long have you carried it?

    A long time!

    Where is it made?

    Made, mixed and bagged locally in Calgary.

    What is included in Concrete Products?

    Bagged concrete mix, forming tubes, deck blocks, repair products, and foam alternatives.

    What is the difference between Cement and Concrete?

    Cement, usually made of lime stone, is an ingredient in Concrete. Concrete in its most basic form consists of Cement, Aggregate (sand & gravel) and Water (sold separately, hahaha).

    What is the most common type of concrete mix you sell?

    Ready Mix Concrete is the most commonly used bagged good we sell. It's used for deck footings and setting fence posts.
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