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Pre-hung Interior Doors

Prehung interior doors make installation easy, because the door is machined and ready including the jamb, stop and hinges. Learn more...
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    Pre-hung Interior Doors

    At each of our TimberTown stores, we have our own custom door woodworking shop, where we modify any style of interior door, and create a pre-hung kit version - including the jamb, stop and hinges. This makes it much easier for the homeowner to install in their opening.

    Where are your prehung doors made?

    We buy our slab doors from many places, but we build the pre-hung kits ourselves in our own custom door carpentry shop.

    What are the disadvantages of prehung doors?

    Prehung doors can be challenging to transport.  Since they are in the frame already, they are quite fragile if not handled or transported properly.
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