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Pergolas are attractive roof-like wooden structures that are mounted above your deck, adding shade and style. Learn more...
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    A pergola, usually built from treated lumber or cedar, is a great aesthetic enhancement to your deck, and helps protect it from the elements. While they are more a structural asset than a full shade or rain-protecting roof, they give you something you can enhance later:  with flower baskets, vines, or a roll-out rain-protecting awning. Just add your own pergola-pizzazz.

    Do you supply plans for pergolas?

    We’ve found pergola designs to be unique to the deck, so we don’t have cookie-cutter kits, but our Pros can work with any vision you have in mind and build a package just for you.

    Should I put a roof on a pergola?

    Roofing over a pergola is a matter of personal preference. If you add a roof, it will increase protection from the elements, but it can make it darker and feel a bit more closed in.
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