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Hardboard doors can be solid or hollow and are very versatile to cut into any shape or size. Learn more...
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    Hardboard/Wood Doors

    Hardboard doors are a practical and modern choice for your home, as they can be cut to any size – making them a great solution for small or irregularly-shaped openings. They come in solid or hollow core, with the solid version being best for soundproofing. They are made of high-density fiberboard or oak, which resists warping, swelling, and cracking.  For easy installation, we also offer a ready-to-install jamb package from our custom door shop.

    Which is best: hollow or solid core?

    If using a hardboard for a barn door (which can leak sound) or if you need soundproofing, we recommend the solid core hardboard door.

    What should I consider when replacing interior doors?

    You should consider whether the door is going into an existing frame, or whether you are replacing the frame as well. If using the existing frame, bring your old door into our shop, and we can match the precise size and placement of the hinges to make it easier for you to hang in your frame. If you’re replacing the frame, you may want to order a pre-hung kit from us, to include the jamb, stop, and hinges – making it much easier to hang.
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