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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed from several wood layers for structural stability, preventing separation, cupping or warping in various levels of humidity and temperature. Learn more...
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    Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    In engineered flooring, the top veneer layer contains the identifiable tree species, such as oak or maple. Engineered hardwood can create a high-performance wide plank because of its structural stability, and is suitable for any application, including basements, condominiums, wall paneling (shiplap), or herringbone (v-shaped) patterns. If you’re not sure about which colour you need, we’re happy to supply free, take-home flooring samples.

    What are the grades of engineered hardwood? 

    We offer three grades of engineered hardwood, which vary based on natural imperfections in the wood itself:

    • Elite: Mostly heartwood that is free of large knots and defects for a clean appearance.
    • Character: Some small knots, and larger filled knots, with some natural colour variation.
    • Rustic: Includes large, filled knots and a lot of natural colour variation.  May contain sap lines (lighter streaks) that run throughout the floor

    What is a good price for engineered hardwood?

    A rustic grade, with a thin upper layer, can be as low as $4.99 per square foot. $6 - $10/square foot is more usual. Underlay is optional, at about $0.50 per square foot. The price of the engineered hardwood depends on 1) the thickness of the veneer, with a thicker veneer being premium because it allows for refinishing down the road and 2) the grade of the wood, with higher grades being a premium because they contain fewer knots and streaks.

    What does it cost to install engineered hardwood?

    Many people can do it themselves, but if you hire a professional, you may pay $3 - $5 per square foot for the installation labour, depending on how big your project is. So onto this cost, you’ll still need to add the cost of the flooring itself.

    Are there disadvantages to engineered hardwood?

    Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood only contains the real species wood in its top (veneer) layer. Depending on the thickness of this veneer layer, engineered hardwood may not allow for sanding down and refinishing at a later date.

    Where is it made?

    Although the veneer wood species come from around the world, manufacturing is handled in China. Floors are certified to CARB and Floorscore standards for health and safety. TimberTown has been selling engineered hardwood since 1995.
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