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Deck Railings

At TimberTown, we have a huge array of aluminum deck railings, with many assembled and on display in our stores. Learn more...
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    Deck Railings

    Deck railings add a beautiful finish to your deck, and enhance safety should your deck be over 12” – 24” in height. We’ve carried aluminum railings for over 15 years, and have many styles of railings around our deck displays, showcased inside and outside our stores.

    Is deck railing maintenance free?

    Aluminum railing is virtually maintenance free, but might need a hose down as the darker colours can show some dust.

    What is a good deck railing made of?

    In Alberta’s climate, we recommend aluminum deck railings because they do not wear out like wood, or rust like iron. If you have selected a cedar deck, you may also wish to match it with a cedar railing.

    What is the easiest deck railing to install?

    Aluminum railing is very easy to install, and comes with good instructions as well.
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