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Updating your Home with Door Hardware

Updating your Home with Door Hardware - Timbertown - Hardwood Floors and Doors Calgary

Whether you’re trying to give your home some extra shine before you list it for sale or you simply want to update your old door hardware for a new, modern look, TimberTown has the products you need by the suppliers you trust. Here are some of the different types of door knobs and levers you
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Barn Door Solutions for Your Home and Business

Barn Door Solutions for Your Home and Business - Timbertown - Barn Doors Alberta

Here at TimberTown, we’ve had a lot of customers coming into our locations excited about barn doors. Alberta has a rich agricultural history, so it makes sense that Alberta home owners want to tap into that culture when creating their home and business spaces. Here are just a couple ways barn doors can be incorporated
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Carpet vs. Laminate, LVT, Cork, or Hardwood

When you are trying to decide between new carpet and hard surface flooring such as Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile (LVT), Laminate, Cork, Solid or Engineered Hardwood Flooring – there are many things to consider. In which rooms are you installing new flooring? How much traffic is expected in the new flooring area? Do you
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How to Choose the Best Flooring Underlayment

One of the most common questions we get regarding the purchase of a new floor is “Which flooring underlayment should I use?” There are many options available today – with as many possible uses. Let us help you decide which is the most suitable for your space. Knowing which type of flooring you will have
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When Home Improvement Meets Hometown Improvement in Calgary and Edmonton

Buy your home improvement materials in Calgary and Edmonton areas, can improve your Local communities  – New Research Shows the Impact of Keeping Home Improvement Purchases Local As we head into the busiest seasons for home improvement in Calgary and Edmonton areas, it is important to know that where consumers choose to shop for their
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Mouldings and Trim

Special Feature: Moulding & Trim Interactive Page Products Featured: Metrie®   View our mouldings and trim options here

Flooring Protection Underlayment and Subfloor

Subfloor and Underlayment are important things to consider when it comes to purchasing flooring for either your residential or commercial property. Floor protection is also worth using to anytime renovations are being done in your home. SUBFLOOR: The subfloor is the material installed underneath an interior floor (hardwood, engineered, vinyl or laminate) It is the
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How Can Moisture & Humidity Affect Your Hardwood Flooring

Depending on the region that you live in, summertime might bring more than backyard BBQs, camping, gardening or relaxing by the pool side. Summer can also bring high humidity in some regions and adversely dryness, especially in Alberta. If you have hardwood floors, understanding the humidity levels in your home is important when it comes
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Common Signs That You Should Replace Your Backyard Fence

Common Signs That You Should Replace Your Old Fence Summer time is the ideal season for fence repairs or replacements. If you are wondering if it’s time, consider some of these commons signs before you tackling your outdoor project. If your house, cabin, rental, or commercial property has an old fence that has been there
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Benefits of Penofin ® Wood Finishing Product

Benefits of Penofin ® Wood Finishing Product - Timbertown - Penofin ® Wood Finishing Product

Penofin ®- Penetrating Oil Finish “The World’s Finest Finishes” TimberTown has been carrying the Penofin® product line for many seasons. Penofin® Ultra Premium Red Label is a one coat solution created to meet the demand for an exterior wood finish that outperforms all other transparent wood stains. The highly-penetrating Brazilian Rosewood Oil base, from sustainably
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Hardwood Floors and the Need to Acclimate

Everyone’s heard of hardwood floors, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows what acclimation is or why it’s important. While your contractor will likely be taking care of everything, we feel that it’s important for homeowners to know and understand how their floor works and how to care for it. That way, fewer mistakes will be
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