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Cedar Lumber

At TimberTown, our cedar lumber decking is Pinnacle grade from BC, making it beautiful and very easy to work with.  Learn more...
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    Cedar Lumber

    Cedar Lumber Decking is a fully natural product, and requires the same sort of care and maintenance as a treated deck. Left untreated, cedar will turn to silver. But if you prefer to keep the look and feel of the original cedar, you should plan on sanding/refinishing it every couple of years, depending on how much sunlight exposure it receives. Cedar is less expensive than composite decking, but has its own natural beauty that no other product can only emulate.

    Is Cedar decking more expensive than composite?

    No, it is less expensive. Its price is between treated lumber on the low side, and composite decking/PVC on the higher end.

    What kind of care/maintenance does a cedar deck require? 

    Cedar decking will turn grey; if you prefer its original colour, it will require sanding/refinishing every couple of years.

    Is cedar better than composite decking?

    Cedar offers the natural beauty of solid wood decking which is hard to beat. But from a maintenance standpoint, it is more work than composite or PVC.
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