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Floor Finishings and Trims include floor vents, stair nosing, and room transition pieces. Learn more...

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    Hardwood Floor Finishings & Trims

    Not every piece of your hard-surface floor project will be a standard plank; there are the smaller elements such as matching vents, stair nosings, room transition pieces that can finish off your floor and make it fit beautifully with the rest of your home.  TimberTown carries all these elements, and your TimberTown Pro will help you ensure you have the finishing elements you need for best results.

    Where are finishings used?

    Generally to cap off stairs, replace metal air vents, and provide transitions between rooms (or from a hard-surface room to a carpeted room).

    Where are these products made?

    We get the trim pieces from Canada, the US, and around the world, so they match the flooring you have chosen, whether solid hardwood engineered hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl plank.
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