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Shaker Doors

These are heavy, solid-core interior doors that provide good sound dampening in an array of styles. Learn more...
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    Shaker Doors

    Constructed mainly from MDF (medium density fiberboard), our interior shaker doors offer many of the similar looks available in moulded panel doors, but with a solid core for better sound dampening. Here the panels are constructed, not moulded. With a switch of hardware, shaker doors can be hung as bi-folds (for closets), pocket doors (sliding inside your wall), and barn doors (sliding in front of your wall opening) making them very versatile.

    For easy installation, we also offer a ready-to-install jamb package from our custom door shop.

    Are shaker doors more expensive than other interior doors?

    Yes, because they are a solid door, they are generally more expensive than a moulded panel door – which is usually hollow. Some solid moulded panel doors may be more expensive than a shaker door, however.

    Is a shaker door better than other interior doors?

    Yes, a shaker door’s solid construction gives it better soundproofing, and therefore privacy.
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