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French Doors

French doors have glass inserts to add a “je-ne-sais-quoi” element to your home style while providing a range of privacy options. Learn more...
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    French Doors

    The French have always had a gift for style, and French doors beautify your home by bringing the light through while closing in areas for privacy. French doors all have at least one glass pane but can be configured in different ways – either as a single or double doors and swinging or sliding. For easy installation, we also offer a ready-to-install jamb package from our custom door shop.

    What is the difference between French Doors and Double doors?

    French doors have one or more panes of glass, and can be installed as double doors.

    Can French Doors be used as sliding doors?

    French doors can be used as sliding doors, as French refers to the style of door, not the function.
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