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Where local pros guide you - every step of the way.
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DoorTown: Interior Doors, Barn Doors, Closet Doors, Mouldings and More

DoorTown is our interior doors & mouldings division within TimberTown, and our stores each contain working displays of all kinds of doors – such as pre-hung, bifold, double bypass, pocket, double doors with magnets and barn Doors, complete with a variety of installed mouldings. Our Door Shop makes any of our doors compatible with your existing openings by doing a machine-to-match to one of your existing doors. We can also cut doors to size, re-style doors to a narrower length and/or width, create unique shapes such as catflaps and make ready-to-assemble kits for any door.

Pro Guidance

Sizing and hanging interior doors can be a little tricky. When you come to a TimberTown store, you’ll get a pro who will guide you on your project from start to finish. Here are the typical steps:
Illustration of TimberTown pro helping a customer
Step 1
Meet Your Pro
Whether online or in person, you’ll have a seasoned TimberTown pro who will guide you throughout your project. You’ll also be able to easily access them by phone, email or in-store.
Illustration of TimberTown pro showing customer door options
Step 2
Whether in-store or online, your pro will help you select door styles, mouldings and hardware, clarifying sizing, framing, functionality, and delivery requirements. Your pro will confirm your materials list and budget for your approval.
Illustration of a customer order icon
Step 3
Order Prep
If your door needs to be cut to size, we will do this directly in our door shop. We’ll also assemble all the other aspects of your order, including assembly and installation instructions.
Illustration of a delivery vehicle
Step 4
Pickup or Delivery
Once ready, you can pick it up, or we’ll deliver it to the main floor of your home.
Illustration of a door being installed
Step 5
If you need assistance, feel free to contact your pro when installing your door. When painting, be sure to paint all 6 sides.
Illustration of a little girl playing drums behind a closed door
Step 6
Kudos for a job well done. If you’d like to give us a review, we’d sure appreciate it.

Product Categories

This is a Norfield Signature Series Magnum door cutter; we operate four of these - one in each TimberTown store. It automates the cutting of doors and jambs for an exacting fit.

Custom Door Shop

The back of each of our stores has a custom door carpentry shop, so we can cut a new door to match your existing jamb, machine a custom size, or cut your mouldings. What’s more, we can special-order almost any kind of door, and we have FREE take-home samples of a vast array of mouldings.

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Use to plan and envision what you might need for your project.

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    Order Doors in Calgary, Edmonton, and Canmore

    Buying doors from TimberTown offers several benefits that make it a smart choice for homeowners and contractors alike. One of the primary advantages is the wide selection of high-quality doors available. DoorTown offers a diverse range of door styles, materials, and finishes, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your design preferences and functional needs. Whether you’re looking for classic wooden doors, modern glass options, or durable composite materials, TimberTown has something to suit every taste and budget.

    Another significant benefit is the expertise and customer service provided by DoorTown. The knowledgeable staff at door stores in Edmonton, Calgary, and beyond are well-versed in the latest trends and technologies in door manufacturing and can offer personalized advice and recommendations. This level of service ensures that you make an informed decision and choose doors that not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also provide the right level of security and insulation.

    The commitment to sustainability is another reason to choose TimberTown.

    Convenience is a key factor when buying products from a door store in Calgary. We offer a seamless buying process, from viewing options online or in the showroom to delivery and installation. Professional installation ensures that your doors are installed correctly, enhancing their performance and longevity.

    At DoorTown you will find original interior doors in Calgary, Edmonton, and Canmore. You can take a look at the doors online (on the website) and you can also visit our showroom.

    What is the Average Doors Cost in Calgary and Edmonton?

    The price of doors is affected by several factors:

    1. Material. The type of material (wood, metal, fiberglass, glass) significantly impacts cost.
    2. Design and style. Complex designs and custom styles tend to be more expensive.
    3. Size. Larger doors generally cost more due to increased material use.
    4. Quality and brand. Higher-quality doors and reputable brands typically come at a premium.
    5. Hardware and accessories. Additional features like locks, handles, and decorative elements can raise the price.
    6. Installation. Professional installation services add to the overall cost.
    7. Energy efficiency. Doors with better insulation and energy-efficient ratings often cost more.
    8. Finish and paint. Prefinished or painted doors are usually pricier than unfinished ones.

    The experts at DoorTown will explain more about doors for sale and select products that will fit your budget and requirements.

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