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Like composite, PVC decking makes a very strong, durable deck surface, but is lighter, and looks more like wood. Learn more...

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    PVC Decking

    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) decking is an alternative to composite and wood decking material. It is very strong, lighter than composite, and usually carries a longer, 50-year warranty. We love the incredible aesthetics you can get in a PVC board - the colour patterns mimic real wood surprisingly well, and yet do not carry a wood’s downsides of maintenance and aging. While PVC commands a premium price, it virtually guarantees that you will never need another deck. Our PVC decking is produced in the United States and made with recycled materials.

    What is the downside of PVC decking?

    The price is the only downside, as it looks like wood and is virtually maintenance-free.

    Is PVC better than composite decking?

    Yes, PVC decking is equal to or better than composite. The make-up of PVC decking allows for the most realistic wood-like appearance, and maximum durability, typically covered by a 50-year warranty.

    How much does it cost to build a 20 x 20 PVC deck?

    The cost of materials is around $12,000 CAD.

    Which is better: Trex Composite or PVC Decking?

    We would argue that PVC is the more durable and beautiful option as it looks like real wood. It also doesn’t have the weight of composite board.  However, the price of PVC is also higher.
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