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Why Fall is a Great Time for Deck and Patio Repair


If you only come to see us once or twice each spring, you might be surprised to know that Timbertown stays busy through the fall helping homeowners to find what they need for projects like deck and patio repair. In fact, in our experience, fall is a great season for this type of work around the house.

5 Things to Love About Hardwood Flooring


Although we sell a lot of different kinds of wood and lumber at Timbertown, hardwood flooring remains one of our most popular products – and one that we remain incredibly passionate about. That’s because hardwood flooring brings a lot of different advantages to a home that remain over time. In fact, we can’t think of many things that represent a better long-term value. To understand why, here are five things we love about hardwood flooring, and that you probably will, too.

Why Vinyl Flooring is an Excellent Choice for your Home!

Examples of various hardwood flooring styles

With an abundance of flooring options out there, it’s easy to see how people can easily get confused. From vinyl, laminate, carpet, hardwood, linoleum, ceramic, and even cork! It’s no wonder the choice is hard to make. Today, we’re going to explore why Vinyl flooring can be, and is an excellent choice for your home!
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10 Things You May Not Have Known About Cork Flooring

Example of plywood floor

Flooring, flooring, flooring! It’s what we’re about, its what we’re passionate about! Check out the list we’ve created, 10 Things You May Not Have Known About Cork Flooring (we guarantee you didn’t know at least a few of these). Cork flooring is made from the bark of a Cork Oak Tree (this makes it renewable
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