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Structural Wood Screw

  • Product Brand: Simpson Outdoor Accents®
  • Product Type: 5-1/2" Black Structural Screw SDWS225512DBB
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2"
  • Grade/Rating:
  • Price: $22.97/12
  • SKU: 6702-2055
Product Details:

The Outdoor Accents structural screw reduces installation time by driving easily without predrilling
When combined with the patent-pending, load-rated Outdoor Accents hex-head washer, the solution delivers the decorative appearance of a bolt connection but with a much easier installation The screw’s bold thread design enables superior holding to attach ledgers and other secure connections.
Use with Outdoor Accents decorative hardware and hex-head washer for an appealing look
Use Outdoor Accents structural screw solitarily as a wood-to-wood fastener
SawTooth™ point ensures fast starts, reduces installation torque and eliminates the need for predrilling in most applications
Deep 6-lobe T40 recess easy, secure driving (T40 drive bit included in multi-count packages)
Black double-barrier coating offers premium look while providing a medium level of corrosion protection for many outdoor applications

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