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Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label

  • Product Brand: Ultra Premium Red Label
  • Product Type: Sable, Mission Brown, Hickory, Cedar, Bark, Redwood, Chestnut, Sierra, Western Red Cedar, Clear
  • Dimensions:
  • Grade/Rating: For use on all Woods
  • Flyer Price: ($77.75/ea)
    SPECIAL $69.97/3.79 litres
  • SKU:
Product Details:

Ultra Premium Formula Wood Stain

Increased transoxide pigments for 99% ultraviolet protection against fading

Extra protection against mildew

Ten transparent wood tones

Brazilian Redwood Oil wood stain that deeply penetrates to protect against moisture

Pigments won’t fade. turn chalky or wash off

Penofins wins the “Battle Of Stains” penetration tests over all competitors, and gives longer life to wood of any species

Beware of spontaneous combustion. Make certain all rags or other materials used
with Penofin are soaked in water, stored in air-tight container
or otherwise disposed of safely

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