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Pro-Tech Wood Brightener

  • Product Brand: Pro-Tech Wood Brightener
  • Product Type: Prepares wood for finishing
  • Dimensions: Rejuvenates 8-300 square feet
  • Grade/Rating:
  • Price: $59.97/3.79 litres
Product Details:

Prepares wood for finishing
Reduces mill glaze for better protection
Removes the gray
Neutralizes tanin bleed
Annihilates tough tannin stains and watermarks on all types of
wood, decking, siding and fences: removes mill glaze.
Re-establishes the Ph balance of your wood after stripping
and brightens gray weathered wood to bring back
that mill-bright color

CAUTION: Always wear gloves, eye protection and solid
shoes when applying
Surface will be slippery.
Do not inhale powder. Do not mix in a metal container
Do not store diluted solution. Do not mix with chlorine bleach
or other chemicals.
Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Can cause eye and skin burns

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