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Hex Head Screw

  • Product Brand: Simpson Outdoor Accents®
  • Product Type: 1-1/2" Black Hex Head Wood Screw SD10112DBB
  • Dimensions:
  • Grade/Rating:
  • Price: $10.97/50
  • SKU: 6702-2005
Product Details:

Use with Outdoor Accents decorative hardware for an appealing look
1/4″ hex head reduces cam-out for easier installation and helps avoid stripping of the head during installation (1/4″ hex drive included)
Optimized heat treating for ductility and strength
The single-fastener steel-side-plate allowable load of the SD10 exceeds the shear load of a 16d common nail
Black double-barrier coating provides premium look while providing a medium level of corrosion protection for many outdoor applications

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