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5 Step Ply-Lam Stringer

  • Product Brand: Ply-Lam®
  • Product Type: Aproximate rise is 35 inches off ground
  • Dimensions:
  • Grade/Rating: Pressure Treated
  • Price: $59.97/ea
Product Details:
  • Ply-Lam is basically pressure treated plywood so it is a very stable product; not susceptible to warping, cracking and twisting as is the case with dimensional lumber
  • Lighter and easier to work with and more fire resistant than OSB. It also has ‘memory’ i.e. it may swell when wet but will return to its original size when dry
  • Environmentally friendly and a better use of our resources than dimensional lumber. When using dimensional lumber for stringers, up to 40% of the wood may be wasted

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