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Our Custom Door Service - TimberTown Building Centre - Calgary Timber Company

At TimberTown, we’re all about the details. It’s why we provide products like door hardware and flooring accessories. We’d never half finish a job, and we know our customers wouldn’t either. That’s why we want to use this blog to discuss our custom door service. Many of our customers spend hours choosing the perfect flooring. We have a huge selection of Hardwood, Laminate and Luxury Vinyl and more which makes the decision difficult. However, why would you put all the time into your paint selection, flooring, and decor just to have the look fall apart when it comes to your doors? Fortunately, you don’t have to.

The Options. One of the best things about creating your custom door through TimberTown is all the options. Using your current door, we can create a custom one with identical measurements to fit your current doorjamb and frame. If you’ve already found a door you love, but it’s too large for the space; we can narrow or shorten it. For a new house or doorway, we can design and create a brand new door, jamb, and frame to your specifications. We also offer Ready to Assemble kits that are easy to use and still offer a lot of flexibility.

Timeframe. Whether you’re building new or renovating, we find it’s always useful to know approximately how long each aspect will take. For your custom door, the wait is usually between one and three weeks. If you choose from our In-Stock doors, it can be a little quicker than a week; if you prefer to special order, a wait of three weeks is more likely. We use this time to perfect our products and run quality control for your satisfaction. It’s important to remember that the time frame will depend a lot on your specific design.

We love creating custom doors. At TimberTown, we enjoy working with our clients to design and create the perfect door and are proud to help them complete their homes with this final touch. If you’re ready to step up your home with a custom door, come in to our location or call us today.

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