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Audrey Davidson, MA

Lorem Ipsum dolor…almost had ya! Brilliant, multi-talented and with a dry, irreverent wit, Audrey is the marketer every business wishes they had..and we’re pretty sure the reason she sticks around is that she can bring her main squeeze, an 80lb Bearnise Mountain dog named Theo, to work with her. Learning website design as a teen, she’s also a professional graphic designer who knows our entire product line like the back of her arm, where she’s tattooed hex codes, text and fonts only a true designer could appreciate. We often find her (and sometimes Theo) trying to mangle various products in her office, to see if they’re really as good as their marketing says they are. Horses…dogs…this is a woman who tames large animals…which is how she fits in so well around here. Also an FYI, she despises taking sales calls, so if you call, ask for Theo, or have a darn good reason for bugging her.

Position Title:
Marketing and Communications Manager

Offering Pro Guidance Since:
July 2018

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