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For the most part, we work with Alberta homeowners who are interested in improving the look of their home. Usually this means an interest in a particular DIY project, but sometimes, Calgary homeowners know that a wall or room isn’t living up to their expectation, but they aren’t sure why. One of the easiest solutions for transforming a dull or boring space into classy and sophisticated one is to add crown mouldings.

Crown mouldings are designed to flair out from your wall to meet your ceiling. They come in a huge variety of styles and add a complete and finished feeling to a wall. While historically crown mouldings were used both inside and on the exterior of a building, now a days, they are used almost exclusively indoors. Instead of coming in a huge variety of materials as they did in the past, most good quality mouldings are now made from shaped wood or plaster.

While installing crown mouldings does fall into some skilled DIYers capabilities, because the interesting and complex shapes, most lay-people will find the corners complicated to complete. However, some companies have began manufacturing crown mouldings in foam and plastic. These mouldings are often targeted at the DIY consumer and come with corner pieces that are easier to use.

Whether you’re looking for elegant crown mouldings or super-practical floor boards, the experts at TimberTown have you covered. We’re proud to provide Calgary and the rest of Alberta with mouldings, installation services, and the professional advice you need before starting on your project. Call or come into the TimberTown closest to you today!

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