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Some people are surprised to learn that adding a deck to their home can actually lower their home’s property value. That’s because people take one look at your gorgeous wood deck, and they see a headache and a ton of future work when the paint begins to peel and the termites start gnawing on the supports. Fortunately there’s a way to avoid the work and the value loss. It’s called composite deck material.

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Composite decking is a man-made products that can be made entirely from polymers or a blend of natural wood fibers and plastics. Because of the materials it’s made out of, composite decking retains the beautiful wood look with none of the drawbacks. Composite is a great choice for homes with kids because it’s super durable, infinitely smooth on bare feet, and absolutely sliver-free. The adults will love it because of composites natural immunity to mould, fungi, twisting, warping, bugs, and basically anything else that is a usual deck nightmare. It also never need to be repainted and will outlive a wood deck by many years. However, since no product is perfect, it is more expensive to build a composite deck than a wood deck.

There are many different composite deck materials to choose from, but at TimberTown we definitely prefer and recommend Timbertech®. Not only do Timbertech® decks come in several different cost and material varieties, not to count all of the benefits we already mentioned, they also have a huge selection of colours and styles. We know that the perfect Timbertech® style is available waiting for you to find it.

When it comes time to build your deck, there are hundreds of different design options and many materials to choose from. Each will have their pros and cons, but for a long-term investment that is durable and remains in peak condition for years and year with little to no maintenance, it’s hard to beat a composite deck. No one is denying that composite decking has a steeper entry cost, but the time you’ll save not doing maintenance or completely rebuilding because of a bug infestation will more than even out in our expert opinion.

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