Barn Door Solutions for Your Home and Business

Barn Door Solutions for Your Home and Business - TimberTown - Barn Doors Alberta

Here at TimberTown, we’ve had a lot of customers coming into our locations excited about barn doors. Alberta has a rich agricultural history, so it makes sense that Alberta home owners want to tap into that culture when creating their home and business spaces. Here are just a couple ways barn doors can be incorporated into your designs.

Perfect for Large Spaces and Small!

One of the best things about barn doors is their numerous uses. In an office, barn doors can be used to add warmth and elegance to a large meeting space, while simultaneously allowing the room to be broken down into smaller areas at a moment’s notice. For small homes and offices, a sliding barn door maximizes space and adds a rustic charm. It’s an easy way to divide up your home or business without wasting the floor space a typical door needs to swing open and closed.

Closing Off Nooks & Crannies.

For closets, storage, pantries, or even a small bathroom, a barn door is a practical option. Barn doors allow you to hide away disorganization with a sliding door that allows easy access to these spaces without intruding on floor space. Painted a bright colour, your barn door can even become a beautiful focal point in your house. For a small space, a visual focal point is necessity for making the place feel larger and more open.


An often overlooked benefit of barn doors is the added security. Because the door’s weight is supported by the rail system it slides on, it’s possible to invest in a much heavier and secure door than usual. If security is a priority for a particular room or building for your home, business, or even an industrial space, barn doors may be the right solution.

Are you looking at barn doors to bring in an elegant but rustic aesthetic to your space? The experts at your local TimberTown can help you to design and implement your plan. Let us point you in the right direction and get you moving forward with your idea. Come to the TimberTown location nearest you to look at our wide selection of products or contact us by phone to have all your questions answered fast!

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