What are Timbertech® Evolutions Rails?

Timbertech® has been a provider of wood composite and wood/plastic blended materials for almost twenty years now. Originally started in 1996 as a division of the Crane Group, Timbertech® was acquired by CPG international in 2012. Today, Timbertech manufactures low maintenance decking, railing, and fencing all over the world. One of our favourite Timbertech® products that is available right here in TimberTown is their Evolutions Rail. Evolutions rails comes in two varieties: contemporary and builder.

Evolutions Rail Contemporary.

Everything about the contemporary rail says class and sleek practicality. The top rail is smooth and uninterrupted by the posts, the deck below can either match or be one of many different colours for a dramatic statement. Contemporary also has four different fills for you to choose from: beautiful stainless steel cables, aluminium or composite balusters, or pane glass channel. It has the option for a composite infill and the option to mix and match colours. Evolutions contemporary, like all quality composite, is resistant to scratches, spills, moulds, mildews, and fading; virtually without maintenance; and splinter free.

Evolutions Rail Builder.

With the same familiar sleek and gorgeous rail system but with a few less options and more affordable price tag, the Evolutions Rail Builder was designed for value-conscious homeowners everywhere. The evolutions builder is created from the same hardy, reliable composite that Timbertech uses from their contemporary line. All the composite perks from low, splinter free maintenance, to the many resistances built into the material are still enjoyed in this more economic product. However, while the Contemporary comes with four options for the infill, builder only has two: aluminum rods or glass channel. There is no option for a composite infill nor for stainless steel cables. The builder is also missing the ability to mix and match.

A twenty-five year limited warranty is available on both of the Evolution Rail options, and, here at TimberTown, we think either choice will work great for most deck projects. Whether your budget is smaller and keeps you in the realm of the down to earth, practical builder rails or larger and allows you to pick and choose colours and options with the contemporary rails, Timbertech® makes a sturdy and classy product that will bring added value to your home. Contact TimberTown today to learn more about Timbertech’s products or any composite deck manufacturer.

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