Updating Interior Doors and Hardware

Updating Interior Doors and Hardware | Calgary AB

When you decide to update the interior doors and hardware in your home, here are some things to consider that will help make your space feel updated and refreshed.

Put some thought into the look you’d like to achieve, how many doors you need and what function they will serve. Will your doors swing open to the left or right with hinges, or will they slide along a track? Should they always open freely, or lock from the inside? Should they offer sound deadening qualities? Do they need to be fire rated? How long would you like them to last, and what type of use should they stand up to?

Budgeting for Your Interior Doors and Hardware Project

Doors can range in price, from below $50 per door to thousands, so knowing what you plan to spend can help you make the decision. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, Primed Hardboard doors are a great solution – they are available in all standard sizes, and in standard sized bi-folds. For a few extra dollars, you can choose any Moulded Panel style of door. There are many styles to choose from, so you can get the look you desire at a reasonable price. Moulded Panel door design are available in hollow core, or solid core for a reasonable upcharge.

If there’s room in your budget for an upgrade, you could consider Primed Shaker Panel doors, Wood Shaker Panel doors or custom designed doors that suit your personal style.

Door knobs and levers will range from around $10 to $100’s of dollars. Your hardware can be updated when the doors are replaced, or you may decide to replace them later and use the existing hardware in the meantime. Some brands that offer options in both knobs and levers in different finishes and functions include Taymor, Weiser, Schlage and Emtek. There’s many on display in our stores so you can feel the difference quality makes.

Installing Your Interior Doors

When you have decided on your new interior doors, you could replace only the doors or both the doors and the jamb. If your existing jamb is in good condition, you may choose to have your new doors machined to match the openings. In that case, you can unscrew the hinges from the old doors and, with minimal skill and experience, put the new doors on the old hinges.

However, if your jamb is in rough shape and needs to be replaced, you can have your new doors and jamb machined at the same time. Hanging doors and jamb in a studded wall requires a bit more construction knowledge, if you’re not comfortable with the idea you should hire a professional.

Some doors, including bi-pass and sliding doors, require special hardware. Once the hardware is installed in the opening, and the hangers are fastened to the doors, the doors can be installed or hung in the opening. If you’re not experienced or comfortable with the door hanging process, there are professionals who specialize in installing doors and door hardware available for hire.

Come and see our selection of interior doors and door hardware, talk to a staff member about our on-site door shop and plan your project from start to finish. We can machine your new doors or doors with jambs to your specifications. You can also check out our selection of doors that are pre-hung and ready to install in your rough openings.

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