Updating your Home with Door Hardware

Updating your Home with Door Hardware - TimberTown - Hardwood Floors and Doors Calgary

Whether you’re trying to give your home some extra shine before you list it for sale or you simply want to update your old door hardware for a new, modern look, TimberTown has the products you need by the suppliers you trust. Here are some of the different types of door knobs and levers you likely have around your home which you may want to consider updating.

Keyed Door Knobs and Levers are typically exterior door hardware. They are fitted with a keyhole and are perfect for your front or back door as well as the garage. If you have higher security needs within your home, for a home office for example, keyed door knobs and levers may also be used inside to offer uncompromising style and peace of mind.

Dummy Knobs and Levers are typically used on closets. Instead of turning, the knob simply provides a beautiful and easy to grasp surface for smoothly pulling the door open. Don’t underestimate the added charm and elegance that decorative, dummy knobs or levers can bring to your home.

Hall & Closet (Passage) Knobs and Levers are similar to non-turning knobs in that they typically won’t have any sort of lock mechanism. Idea for closets that you want to have latch (rather than simply pull open) and other storage spaces, these knobs and levers efficiently keep pets away from pantries and storage. Because these door levers and knobs don’t lock, you can rest assured that no one can accidentally lock you or a child in the closet or pantry.

Bed & Bath (Privacy) Knobs and Levers offer a basic privacy locking function. These knobs and levers are particularly good for a teen’s bedroom or a family washroom. They function well and offer privacy for the person in the room, while not allowing access from the outside. However, the hole in the centre of the door knob makes the lock extremely easy to “pick,” so in an emergency, you can gain access to the room from the outside.

At TimberTown, we carry the best selection of interior and exterior door hardware. While hardware may seem like a little thing, choosing fashionable, matching knobs and levers can improve the feel of your entire home and bring necessary consistency to your interior. With every TimberTown location boasting brand name door hardware, like Weiser, Schlage, Taymor, and Emtek why would you shop knobs and levers anywhere else? Come into the TimberTown nearest you to look at our selection of fantastic door hardware.

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