Tips Before Building a Deck

They say hindsight is 20/20, but thankfully the internet has allowed do-it-yourselfers all over Canada to learn from other people’s mistakes and know the tips before they begin! At TimberTown, we love to help people think up and find the material necessary for all sorts of designs, but we know it can be tricky to remember everything that’s said while you’re trying to pick which wood, fasteners, and railings you want to use. Social media is a great tool for being able to ask questions when you’re already back home, but we’d thought we’d share some tips for before you begin anyways.

Building Permit

Every city has different regulations on how large or high something can be before you need a permit. Be sure to check with your municipality first and get a building permit if you need one before you begin. Nothing kills the great feeling of a job well done more than being told you have to tear it all down. Many municipalities don’t require a permit if you keep your deck under 100 square feet and lower than 18 inches (around 45 cm) off the ground, but it’s always better to double check. By communicating with your city, you can make sure you follow all their regulations and have a safe and legal deck. The building code will also provide useful information like how deep you need to dig for the footing given the frost line for your location.

Know your Materials

There are many options for building a deck. Treated natural wood is a common option, but composite woods also work really. The other month we wrote a blog on timbertech evolution rails and one on composite decking. Those resources may be a good place to begin your research on which material will work best for your project, budget, and lifestyle. If you specifically want fasteners that hide the screw, then that will limit your options slightly, but remember that a well placed planter or outdoor furniture can easily hide the screws if necessary. Railing also come in many different forms now. Stainless steel cable, glass, and tradition wood or all popular options with different pros and cons. Before you begin your project it’s always a good idea to get to know what materials are available and how they’ll work together.

Few projects go perfect, but many mistakes can be prevented with a bit of research and planning. Our helpful staff are happy to give you any advice you need and answer any questions you may have about materials. Come into any of our locations or call us today at the TimberTown closest to you!

Tips Before Building a Deck

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