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Pro Guidance:

At TimberTown, our seasoned Pros guide you through your project from start to finish. That means your Pro will review your plans, source the materials, put your budget together, and give you guidance on how to do the work yourself. You’re even welcome to call or text your Pro should you have any questions or need advice.
Illustration of a TimberTown Pro and customer meeting with a contractor

Contractor Coordination:

If your project is more than what you can do alone, your Pro will refer you to an experienced contractor and coordinate with them along the way. This means ensuring materials are ready where and when they need it, whether pickup or delivery. We also follow up with contractors and our homeowners to ensure every job goes well, and stand behind their work (providing replacement materials if needed) should problems arise.
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We offer both pickup and delivery services from each of our stores. If you need delivery, we will coordinate with you to ensure a convenient time and ensure the product is left in an appropriate, safe place (inside or outside, depending on the product).
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Cutting & Machining:

Each of our stores contains its own Custom Door Shop, with high-precision, automated Norfield Door Cutters for exact-match door replication to ensure a fit for your existing door jamb. We can also modify any door into a barn door or bifold, bevel edges for easier movement, and create a ready-to-assemble kit for any door.
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  • Hardwood, Vinyl, Engineered and Laminate Flooring
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  • Interior Doors and Mouldings
  • Custom Door Carpentry Shop

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