Start Prepping for your Spring & Summer Projects

Start Prepping for your Spring & Summer Projects - TimberTown - Calgary Wood Materials

While it may not feel like it quite yet, spring and summer are just around the corner! Many Albertans wait until June or July to begin thinking about the outdoor projects they want to get done, but with such a short warm season, our experts at TimberTown suggest you begin planning now.

Pick your Projects.

In Calgary, we can generally rely on being snow free after May Long up until October. We occasionally see snow in June or September, but it usually melts pretty quick. That only leaves four to five months to get all of your projects started and finished off. Between work and summer holidays, that’s not a whole lot of time, so you’ll want to choose which projects to complete carefully.

Begin the Paperwork Now.

Whether you want to construct a fence, deck, or some other project entirely, you’ll want to talk with your municipality. There are often size and height restrictions on projects, and there may be bylaws that require changes to your design. Before you can start building, you’ll need your plans approved by the city. Check with your neighborhood or community to make sure there aren’t any addition regulations to abide by. When that’s finished, call up your utility provider to check for any pipes or lines. Or, Submit a locate request here!

Get a Head Start.

Often a project has work that be done before heading outside. For example, if you have space in your basement or garage, you can start to measure and cut lumber for a new fence. Or comb through your supplies and make sure you have everything you need. What you pick up now, you won’t have to buy later when you’re in the middle of your project.

At TimberTown, we are definitely feeling the itch to get outside and start working on new projects. But, since we’re all stuck waiting for spring to arrive, why not start prepping for your projects? That way, when the sun and flower buds arrive, you’ll be ready to go.

Need any help with your project design? Not sure whether to choose lumber or composite? The professionals at TimberTown have the answers your need. Come into the location nearest you today!

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