Selecting Interior Mouldings and Trim

Which Type of Moulding is Suitable for your Interior Finishing Project?

When selecting Interior Mouldings & Trim for your finishing project, it helps to narrow down your selection by the project type.

CASING – Door and Window Trim

If you are replacing the trim around your doors and windows there are plenty of Casing options available to choose from. A Casing profile is eased slightly on both edges for esthetic appeal. Casing varies in size, generally between 3/8” and ¾” in thickness and 2” to 3-1/2” in width, but there are exceptions.

ARCHITRAVE – Door and Window Header

Architrave can be used at the top of windows and doors when the look is desired. Door and Window Header material is available in prefabricated moulding profiles, and can also be custom made using a combination of trims such as flat stock, crown/cornice moulding, and panel moulding.


The floor trim, or baseboard has only one eased edge – the top of the profile, so the bottom sits flush on the floor offering a clean finish. Ideally, the casing and baseboards are updated at the same time and have similar profiles. In general, a baseboard is thinner and taller than the casing, to give the most desirable finished look. You can find baseboards in a wide range of sizes – we have up to 7-1/4” tall in stock, and have supplied even taller!

CORNICE/CROWN – Ceiling Trim

If you plan to add some detail moulding to the top of a wall, where it meets the ceiling, Cornice is the best choice. Cornice is available in a variety of widths, so choose one that suits the size of the room. In larger rooms with high ceilings, using a wide profile is recommended. Cornice moulding can also be used when making custom door and window header.

Other mouldings that are commonly used in DIY Interior Finishing projects include: Flat Stock, Cove Moulding, Quarter, Half or Full Round, Panel Moulding, Corner Moulding, Screen Moulding, Sill, Stop, and many others. If you require a moulding for your Interior Finishing Project, we can find it for you!

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