Penofin® Penetrating Oil

PENOFIN – Penetrating Oil Finish

“The World’s Finest Finishes”

TimberTown is proud to be carrying the product line “Penofin Wood Finishing”. Penofin has currently made a complete line of interior and exterior finishes and wood care products. “Penofin products are designed with quality in mind and contain the finest ingredients”

Penofin’s formula penetrates into the wood’s surface, coating the fibres of the wood, which helps to allow moisture to pass in and out of the wood. This helps the wood to breathe.

Penofin is very easy to apply when following directions properly. You will never see a surface film when using Penofin, so you will never see cracking, bubbling or peeling. You will also never need to strip or sand again! Before applying Penofin,make sure that the wood is cleaned thoroughly to allow the product to be able to soak into the wood. The lifespan of Penofin is on average 9-24 months on a horizontal surface, and 2-5 years on a vertical surface. Depending on the elements that the wood is exposed to (sunlight & weather), will also effect the lifespan of the Penofin product.

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