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8mm Valley Oak Smoke

  • Product Brand: Egger® Aqua Plus
  • Product Type: 7-9/16" x 51" 8mm EGGER® Water Resistant Laminate
  • Dimensions: 8mm 7-9/16" x 51"
  • Grade/Rating: AC4 Rated, E1 Certified
  • Flyer Price: ($3.32/sf)
    SPECIAL $2.99/sf
  • SKU: LAM0704
Product Details:
  • EGGER Aqua+ laminate flooring is significantly more resistant to water exposure due to a reduced swelling behaviour, and is therefore suitable for new applications. They are 5 times more resistant to moisture compared to classic laminate flooring. The perfect floor with the latest wood design or stone effects create more wellness moments in your own bathroom, in other areas of the home and also in commercial areas
  • Up to 72 hours of Moisture-resistant laminate flooring
  • Limited Lifetime Residential Wear Warranty
  • Additional application areas: domestic and commercial
  • More cost-effective than glued and grouted ceramic tiles
  • Floating and flexible installation with UNI fit!
  • No risk of deformation when environment conditions change
  • Easy thorough cleaning even with a steam cleaner
  • Hygienically clean
  • Waterproof skirtings in matching decor
  • Please take a sample to see how it looks in the new space prior to installation. The lighting in your space is unique, and the color may look different than you expect.


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