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Titebond® 675

  • Product Brand: Titebond®
  • Product Type: Luxury Vinyl Flooring Adhesive
  • Dimensions: 3.79 litres
  • Grade/Rating:
  • Price: $55.54/3.79 litres
  • SKU: 9256
Product Details:

Titebond® 675 is a low odor acrylic polymer adhesive designed to produce a strong tenacious bond to oily or highly plasticized LVT products.
Provides a strong and permanent bond on heavy traffic areas including commercial, institutional and industrial installations.
It may be used for indoor installations over standard construction surfaces including Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile, cork underlayment, solid vinyl/rubber sheet goods & stair treads.
Perfect for pressure sensitive installations using trowel or roll method. It can also be used in a wet lay method.
Contains no volatile solvents, hazardous materials or carcinogens, and it will not promote plasticizer migration.
Non-flammable, non-toxic and has no unpleasant or lingering odor.
Titebond® 675 provides the professional installer with a fast setting, water-resistant and environmentally-safe adhesive.

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