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Titan 4x4Deck Foot Anchor

  • Product Brand: Titan® Building Products
  • Product Type: Titan® 4x4 Deck Foot Anchor
  • Dimensions: 4'"x 4"
  • Grade/Rating:
  • Price: 89.00/ea
  • SKU:
Product Details:

It’s dependable Direct Drive system ensures you can drive the anchor forward or reverse for quick installation.
Installs with a handheld ½” impact wrench.
Turn a week-long job into a weekend project.
Save money on labor, materials and time.
No sledge or jackhammers or heavy machinery.
Install in the morning and build in the afternoon.

KIT includes:
+ 4×4 Post Saddle
+ Deck Plate
+ 24 inch Auger (36 inch Auger also available)

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