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Louver System

  • Product Brand: Nuvo Iron®
  • Product Type: Nuvo® Louver System LSB48 with 10 actuators
  • Dimensions: To add louvers up to 48"
  • Grade/Rating:
  • Price: $39.97/ea
  • SKU: 6701-8075
Product Details:
  • Design louvered system
  • A versatile and customizable product. Easily change the angle of the louvers to manipulate the rain, sun, and air flow to go where you want it to.
    Get the look that matches your space by pairing our kit with the material you would like to use.
    Our louver system works with 5-1/2 inch wide wood, glass, or vinyl panels for your slats – not included

  • Up to 48 Inches. INCLUDES: 10 actuators, 22 brackets and screws included.
  • The perfect way to add decor to your wood walls. Wood slats NOT included
    IMPORTANT: Prior to construction, check with your local or regional municipalities for building code requirements in your area.

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