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Bondic® Liquid Plastic Kit

  • Product Brand: Bondic®
  • Product Type: Liquid Plastic Welder
  • Dimensions:
  • Grade/Rating:
  • Flyer Price: ($19.99/ea)
    SPECIAL $10.97/ea
  • SKU: 6501-0107
Product Details:

How many times has glue let us down? Fingers stuck together, broken toys that we just can’t fix, having to throw out our stuff because gluing it only made it worse.
Not to mention just when we need glue most we discover our 3-month-old bottle is as dry as the Sahara Desert on a hot day.
Bondic® is the only product that works where glue fails. It’s liquid plastic that only hardens when you need it to.
YES it stays liquid and won’t dry out like those crazy glues on the market today.
Bondic® is a very simple 4-step process (clean, fill, cure and shape) to fix almost anything, saving countless precious items from ending up in the trash before their time.

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