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Angled Joist Hanger

  • Product Brand: Simpson Strong-Tie®
  • Product Type: 2x6 Angled Joist Hanger Right Hand SUR26Z
  • Dimensions:
  • Grade/Rating:
  • Price: $11.97/ea
  • SKU: 6701-0349
Product Details:

The SUR series are 45° skewed hangers designed specifically to ease the installation of single and double I-joists. This one is right hand.
In addition to featuring positive-angle nailing, these hangers encapsulate the top flange of the I-joist, so no web stiffeners are required for standard installation.
The full range of 45° skewed hangers feature obround nail holes on the acute side, allowing nails to be easily installed parallel to the joist. Installation is further simplified with no required bevel cuts.

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