One Thing You Might be Surprised to Find at TimberTown for Home Improvement

"Do It Yourself" Image

Here at TimberTown, we have literally dozens of things that any homeowner would love, from premium hardwood flooring to lumber, doors, and so much more. Sometimes, though, the best thing you find in our aisles isn’t a product at all… it’s a newfound love of home improvement projects.

You might be surprised to know that a lot of the people who buy from us for the first time didn’t previously consider themselves to be very “handy,” and some haven’t ever built or fixed anything by themselves in the past. But, with the tools and advice we have to offer, many find that they have hidden interests and talents. And best of all, those hidden interests and talents could lead them to a more beautiful, more valuable home.

When it comes down to it, learning to build and fix things around your home is mostly a matter of perspective. There are different skills involved, but lots of them can be gained through reading books, watching videos, and attending workshops. Or, if you have friends who have projects that they want completed around the house, why not volunteer to help out and see what you might learn?

As any of our regular shoppers could tell you, there is something deeply satisfying about getting out a hammer or saw and turning something you didn’t like about your home into a source of pride. Plus, when you know how to work with your hands around the house, there is no end to the number of improvements you might complete.

Could you be the next person to discover that you love DIY? It’s entirely possible. Just come down to TimberTown in Calgary, Edmonton or Canmore soon to have a look around  – you might just find a piece of yourself you didn’t even know was there.


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