What are some Moulding profiles?

What are some Moulding profiles? - TimberTown - Moulding Experts Calgary

There is a huge variety of moulding to choose from, and they often seem to come in almost infinite designs and styles. Fortunately, this isn’t actually the case. Most mouldings can be broken down into one of three categories. Once you know the three categories, it can be easier to decide what designs you think would look best in your home.

Flat or Angular

Flat or Angular is the simplest style of moulding available. These uncomplicated bands are flat and lie parallel to the wall they decorate. Many floorboards and trims found around doors fall under this category. In homes with complex mouldings, these are often used between different curved or composite designs. The common designs for angular mouldings include fascia and fillet and never contain any curved edges.

Single Curved

Single Curved mouldings are more complicated than angular designs, but lack the complexity found in the composite class. A single curve moulding can either be concave (curving in like the side of the spoon that holds soup) or convex (curving outwards like the back of the spoon). They are an attractive option that adds simple sophistication and class to any home. Common single curved designs include torus, cavetto, and scotia.

Compound or Composite

Compound or Composite are the most complicated category of mouldings. They often include numerous curved surfaces and often have both concave and convex features in a single design. Of the composite mouldings, the beak is probably one of the best known. From the side, many beak mouldings really do resemble the head and beak of a bird! Compound mouldings add complex, eye-catching details to your walls. No one will mistake them for the flat trim used in many homes.

While it may seem that the compound mouldings are the best since they are the most complex. The best and most beautiful mouldings are created from a combination of all three categories. Together, they are used to create unique designs that complement your home. If you are interested in updating or adding new mouldings to your home, talk with the moulding experts at the TimberTown nearest to you!

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