Last Chance to get that DIY Deck Project Done Before Winter Comes!

Last Chance to get that DIY Deck Project Done Before Winter Comes! - TimberTown - DIY Deck Projects Calgary

If September’s snowstorm last year taught us anything, it’s that winter in Alberta can pounce at anytime. Fortunately, we still have a couple warm weeks ahead before the ice and snow stick around for good, and that means you still have time to start and finish the deck project you’ve been planning since spring!

Create a Design. Whether you go with a tried and true rectangular deck or decide to create a design with a more ambitious polygon, you’ll want to have an idea of what your deck will look like. There are many deck plans on the internet that are free for use, or you can choose to design your own. Just be sure to complete this important step! It’ll help you budget your time and materials, and it’ll serve as a road map of what to do next as you progress through your project.

Pick a Decking Material. At TimberTown, you’ll find a wide variety of wood and decking materials to choose from. We offer both wood-plastic composite decking and PVC decking which are great options for bringing the beauty of natural wood to the durability of plastic. For a more traditional approach, we have the treated lumber and plywood you need to get the job done right. If you aren’t sure which approach will work best for your budget, time constraints, and design, come into TimberTown and talk with our experts. We have the friendly advice you’re looking for.

Get building! After you’ve created your design and picked up (or ordered for delivery!) all your materials, it’s time to get building. Remember to check with the building bylaws of your municipality before you begin and to get a building permit if you need one.  It may also be a good idea to double check the boundaries of your property. Once that’s out of the way and you have your supplies, there’s nothing left to do but build the deck! If you want construction to be finished quickly, invite some friends over to help!

At TimberTown, we’re happy to work with DIYers from all over Alberta. We have the insight and the supplies that you’re looking for, and we’re ready to help. Come in to the TimberTown closest to you today!