Inexpensive Renovations That can Change the Look of a Room

When it comes to inexpensive renovations, sometimes it’s the little things that really bring a room together. Putting in a new floor is going to have a dramatic change, but so can smaller, less ambitious projects. The finishing touches in a room can often make all the difference.

Door Hardware. Most people don’t give a whole lot of thought to their door handles or hinges. However, upgrading to beautiful door knobs, handles, and hinges presents an inexpensive option for bring the tradition and classic or the sleek and modern into your home. The installation is quick and simple, but this easy change can really complete a room. If you aren’t sure about a look, we encourage you explore your many options.

Repainting. A new paint job for old cabinets or boring walls can go a long ways. While new cabinets are always a welcome addition to a kitchen or washroom, often a new paint job can really help to modernize a room without costing too much. Adding colour to a room with fun curtains or a bright rugs can also be all you need to change the look of a room and bring your decor together.

Moulding and Trims. TimberTown offers one of  best selections of mouldings and trims in Alberta. While many people only ever have small floor baseboards that are a couple inches wide, door casing, ceiling crown / cornice, window casing and wall trim are all additional options. We provide a large variety of styles, but believe that any moulding or trim can help bring elegance to a room. Our moulding catalogis stuffed with ideas for you to explore and try out in your own home.

Whether you’re looking for small ways to update your home or have a larger project in mind, the experts at TimberTown are here to help! We can answer your questions and give advice on which materials and supplies will work best to achieve your goals. Come in to the location nearest you!

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